Solar Installations in SC & NC

Our unique “homeownersFirst” philosophy has driven SELSCO to become the “go-to” hub for solar installations all throughout the Carolinas. Thanks to our explosive growth & increased volume buying power combined with our exclusive “5×3 Solar” approach,  homeownersFIRST™ Solar now offers the best zero-up-front-cost options and the best possible experience when it comes to “going solar” in SC & NC!

Our Pledges To Our Customers

No other solar company anywhere can offer the kind of peace of mind that homeownersFIRST™ Solar offers our customers!  It all starts with 12 rock-solid promises that we make to every customer and that we keep every time

  • Top Grade Material Guarantee
  • Complete Insurance Coverages
  • No Subcontracting- Guaranteed
  • Installation Crew Guarantee
  • 60 Day Installation Guarantee
  • Day Of Install Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Chosen With You In Mind Guarantee
  • After Installation Visit Guarantee
  • 10 Year Coverage Plan Guarantee
  • 10 Year Workmanship Guarantee
  • 25 Year Solar Performance Guarantee
  • Our 5 Levels of Optimization

A Unique Approach To Solar

Every other solar company teaches their people to obtain your energy consumption history and then figure out how many panels they need to sell you in order to provide offset. 

At homeownersFIRST™ Solar, we use a strategy we call the 5 Levels of Optimization which involves first working to reduce your overall energy consumption, then designing a smaller, more affordable solar system

This approach gives you a bigger and faster return on investment.

Partnerships & Certifications

We’ve partnered with like-minded product manufacturers & software vendors to provide a wide variety of premium products to fit any situation.  We also maintain the industry’s top accreditations and certifications– keeping us on top of the industry’s best practices and allowing us to offer the most state-of-art installations as well as the most satisfying customer service experiences

Manufacturer's & Vendors

Certifications, Accreditations, & Memberships

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Customer Feedback

Don’t take our word for it.  Read some of the most recent online reviews from our many satisfied customers then click on the link below to get on the path to a cleaner, greener future with more of your hard-earned money kept in your pocket!

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